1. What muscle groups an elliptical exercise machine affects on?
2. What are the differences between home and commercial machines?
3. Is the heart rate control an important feature?
4. What makes your elliptical motion so smooth?
5. What is magnetic resistance?
6. What is magnetic motorized brake system?
7. What is eddy current brake system (ECB technology)?
8. Is there any maintenance I should perform on my unit?
9. Where can I get prices of elliptical exercise machines?

1. What muscle groups are engaged with an elliptical exercise machine?
With elliptical exercise machines you are getting an upper and lower body workout that utilize the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, biceps, triceps, pectorals and laterals. There is no other fitness machine that offer more benefits. An elliptical trainer is safe for joints. It offers ideal workouts for the people with back, knee, hips or joint problems. You can not find another type of exercise equipment that offer benefits in so many different ways.

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2. What are the differences between home and commercial ellipticals?
The standard features in home elliptical trainers are more individual-based. These products are designed for occasional use. The commercial elliptical exercise machines are designed and built to withstand frequent use by multiple users.

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3. Is heart rate control an important feature?
Yes! The Heart Rate Control is feature that allows you to monitor and control your heart rate during practicing. Moreover, the Heart Rate Training is the most effective way to burn fat and lose weight, fast and healthy.

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4. What makes elliptical motion so smooth?
An elliptical exercise machine starts working when you start, and stops when you stop. It is like walking with a natural, easy strides. Resistance system makes your elliptical motion so smooth. Resistance slows the machine's flywheel as you try to turn it. Cheaper elliptical exercise machines are equipped with magnetic or motorized brake systems, while more expensive elliptical exercise machines are equipped with ECB, (eddy current brake system), which is a durable, quiet resistance system powered electromagnetically.
- magnetic (manual)
- magnetic motorized brake
- eddy current brake system (ECB)

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5. What is magnetic manual resistance system?
Almost all budget elliptical trainers are equipped with the manual magnetic resistance system. The flywheel uses a magnetic bracket that is shaped to conform to the flywheel. The bracket is bolted to the frame at one end. This acts as a hinge to allow the bracket to move closer to the flywheel (more resistance) and farther away from the flywheel (less resistance). An adjustable tension cable, which adjusts the resistance level, is attached to the other end of the bracket. That magnet is manually tensioned closer or further to create resistance. There is also another type of magnetic resistance systems called motorized brake systems.

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6. What is magnetic motorized brake system?
From the budget to mid-price range of ellipticals you can find machines equipped with the motorized brake systems, also called the particle brake system. The design consists a small motor that controls the magnetic brake. Motorized breaks have more mechanical parts and inherently require more service and they are not suitable for any kind of commercial use.

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7. What is eddy current brake system (ECB technology)?
The high-end models tend to use the eddy current brake system. ECB technology works electromagnetically with a precision-balanced aluminum disk spinning freely between variable magnetic fields. Since it has a few moving parts and no friction, eddy current resistance technology is extremely reliable and durable, requires little maintenance, and allows systems employing the technology to operate smoothly and quietly.

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8. Is there any maintenance I should perform on my unit?
Always wipe off your elliptical with a dry towel after use. This removes mineral deposits that can cause incorrect heart rate readings. For any squeaking noises you encounter over time, you can use a dry silicon available from any hardware store. Do not use WD-40 anywhere on the unit!

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9. Where can I find reviews and price list of elliptical exercise machines?
You can do all your research from your home. On the left hand side manu you can find a lot of reviews of the best rated models. The prices and list of suppliers are given for each model separately. Also there are numerous available coupon codes that will give you a huge discounts while shopping.

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Don't Forget To Check A Warranty!
A good elliptical should come with a good warranty. When you compare two similar elliptical machines, make sure to look at the warranties. An extended warranty indicates a good quality of product.

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