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ProForm Elliptical Cross Trainers

2021 updateIn our humble opinion, ProForm ellipticals are overpriced. Instead, we suggest you to consider the other reputable brands, such as:
Horizon Fitness
Sole Fitness

Along with Weslo, ProForm was dominated in the low-budget category of elliptical trainers for many years. In their early days, they were primarily selling cheap elliptical machines with very short limited warranty. Today, ProForm continues the tradition to sell ellipticals at low price point, but their equipment is made of better quality components now. There is no manufacturer offering such variety of ellipticals in the budget price range. It includes elliptical trainers that fold up for storage, machines with built-in game systems, CD sound systems, one model even combines elliptical and bike into a single machine. Some of these extras can be found in more expensive crosstrainers.

ProForm Elliptical Machine Reviews

How ProForm is able to offer elliptical cross trainers cheaper than competitors? Well, the Proform is just one branch of Icon Fitness - one of the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. They also own the other brands such as NordicTrack, HealthRider and Reebok. The costs of research and development are divided between these different brands and Proform benefits from the trickle-down effect from the top lines.

But what is questionable is a quality and durability of these machines. Whichever Proform elliptical machine you buy, you will get exactly what you pay. None of us is a big fan of elliptical trainers designed to be sold through large department stores. This equipment is made for quick sale only. It is a simple consumer society policy: You make one model, sell it out and then you offer another model under another name. If someone complains about the previous model, you are covered by the fact that you no longer produce it, but offer a "new", improved model.

Over the years, we have tested many models of this brand and have written various reviews about them. None of them was produced for more than one season. We sincerely do not recommend ProoForm crosstrainers. Rather focus your attention on the more respected and longer-lasting elliptical machines that will be worth the money invested, such as: Horizon Fitness or Sole Fitness.

Where to ProForm ellipticals at Best Price

You can buy ProForm elliptical machines in almost all mass department stores. The best prices and buying conditions you'll get if order online from Amazon. However, we do not recommend ProForm elliptical machines. Rather get one of the more respected and longer-lasting elliptical machines that worth the money you invested in. We recommend: Horizon Fitness or Sole Fitness.

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