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Body Champ Cardio Dual Trainers

Body Champ is a brand owned by Body Flex, better known for its olympic weight benches and power towers. They also produce the Body Rider elliptical trainers. Anyway, their exercise machines belong mostly to the low budget (cheap) and mid-price range groups. In the world of "cardio machines" the Body Champ brand is known by wide range of dual-action models. We would say that there are too many variations on the same 2-in-1 subject. Body Champ offers dozens of models that combine exercise bikes and elliptical trainers, often with minor differences between them, but with similar names. For example, the model's names are BRM3600, BRM3610, BRM3670, BRM3671, BRM3710... Moreover, you can find several different models on the market, under the simple name of Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer. Since it makes a confusion for people trying to figure out which one model to buy, we segregated only the most popular and best rated machines, leading by reviews and opinions we received from our visitors. From two or three similar models, we chose the one that offers the best value for the money.

Body Champ Elliptical Machine Reviews

According to real user's opinions and ratings, Body Champ BMR3671 is the most popular exercise bike / elliptical trainer by this brand, for a long period of time. We have done some tests, and wrote a few words about both of the machines in two separate reviews. Please choose below:

Body Champ Elliptical Machine Reviews

Review Weight
Features Estimated
body champ 3610 elliptical with seat review
Body Champ BRM 3610
250lbs Stride: 12"
Adjustable resistance
body champ brm 3671 dual trainer review
Body Champ BRM 3671
275lbs Stride: 14"
16 Levels
17 Programs

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You can't purchase Body Champ ellipticals through the official website, but via online reatilers. You'll get the best buying conditions if you order from Amazon. However, some pretty similar models from other brands are also available at Unbeatable Sale, at affordable prices.

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