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Body Champ Elliptical with Seat Review

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BRM 3610 Key Specs:

Before I dive into the review I need to inform you that I've tested this model in the store. I have not used the Body Champ BRM3610 long enough to testify about its durability. Anyway, here are my impressions about this cute little elliptical machine.

Body Champ BRM3610 Review

The BodyChamp's engineers have designed the BRM3610 as an elliptical trainer with seat. It is so-called 2-in-1 design. The first thing that was impressed me is a seat which is adjustable horizontally and vertically. This is something you'll find in most expensive fitness machines. Like most elliptical trainers at this price point, the Body Champ BRM3610 is equipped with a magnetic resistance system. The tension is manually controlled by a knob and runs smoothly. What I mind about is a relatively short stride length. Tall people will find it is very difficult to use this machine comfortably and effectively even when the seat and handlebars are adjusted at the highest position. A nicely designed console features LCD display with large numbers, but with no backlight. It could be a problem for "nocturnal riders". The hand grips have built-in rate sensors so you can track it on the screen.

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Drawbacks: Poor warranty. No bottle holder. Short stride length. What worries me a bit is the construction of movable parts. It looks like you'll need to lubricate the joints of machine on a regular basis, in order to prevent squeaking, which will inevitably happen during long time use.

Overall, I have the mixed feelings about the Body Champ BRM3610 bike/elliptical trainer. For such a budget price (see below) you can't expect it to perform like a $700 elliptical, but I am sure you'll get more that you'll pay for.

Body Champ Fitness covers the 3610 dual cross trainer with the following WARRANTY:

Where to Buy Body Champ ellipticals at Best Price

You can't purchase Body Champ ellipticals through the official website, but via online reatilers. You'll get the best buying conditions if you order from Amazon. However, some pretty similar models from other brands are also available at Unbeatable Sale, at affordable prices.

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