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Stamina Compact Elliptical Cross Trainers

elliptical updates Stamina ellipticals are no longer available for online purchase in 2021, due to market disruptions. Instead, we suggest you to consider the other reputable brands, such as
Horizon Fitness
Sole Fitness

Stamina elliptical machines mostly belong to the low-budget price category. Besides a few cheap crosstrainers with a price below $99, Stamina offers several other models but none of them have a price above $500. However, their best-sellers are the cheapest elliptical trainers. It is mostly due to the fact that for the price between $300 to $500 you can buy an elliptical machine that offers much better quality than Stamina ellipticals (such as Body Champ BRM3671, or even a more serious machine for a few bucks more Horizon EX59).

Stamina Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews

According to the reports of sale departments by various online fitness retailers, most people prefer to buy the cheapest models from Stamina crosstrainer series. Therefore we've selected the two most popular models for our testing. If you want to learn more about our impressions of these elliptical machines, choose from the following reviews:

Stamina Elliptical Machine Reviews

Review Weight
Features Estimated
stamina e1000 inmotion compact review
Stamina InMotion e1000
250lbs Adjustable resistance
LCD display
stamina e1000 inmotion with handles review
Stamina InMotion with Handles
250lbs Adjustable resistance
LCD display

Where to Buy Stamina ellipticals at Best Price

There are many online stores where you can buy Stamina ellipticals today. We've made reviews on almost every single dealer's webstore, including a comparison of their prices, buying conditions and overall ratings. We selected only those with the best reputation offering a proven good customer support and affordable prices on Stamina fitness equipment. Amazon is among the best. However, we also suggest you to consider Horizon Fitness, as they offer great value for a money. Their machines are just a bit more expensive than Stamina.

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Cheap Elliptical Machines

There are plenty of very cheap elliptical machines on the market today.

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Budget Elliptical Machines

Mid-price category contains ellipticals designed for light home use, offered at discount prices.

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Best Value Ellipticals

This category offers the biggest number of ellipticals nominated as the best value.

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Commercial Grade Machines

Commercial elliptical trainers built to withstand frequent health club or home use.