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Bowflex Elliptical Cross Trainers

Bowflex is a part of bigger fitness family. It is owned by Nautilus Inc, a worldwide recognized company based in Vancouver. All of their brands deliver only the top-quality fitness equipment. With the Bowflex brand, Nautilus tries to compete with the excellent Sole Fitness machines, which we sincerely recommend.

New Bowflex Max Trainers

Bowflex has stirred a real boom in the fitness market with its new uniquely designed series of elliptical machines, called MAX Trainers. Not only do they look modern, elegant and attractive, but they are truly high-grade machines. With its compact design, a Max trainer fits almost anywhere. It is a perfect machine for home use. There are 3 different models within the series. At first glance they are very different, but essentially not so much. We expected to see a difference in a stride length, incline, a limitation of user weight and other physical features, but the differences are mostly in computer console features and the level of extra luxury.

Bowflex MAX Trainer Reviews

Review Weight
Features Estimated
bowflex max m3 elliptical review
Bowflex Max Trainer M3
300lbs 8 Resistance levels
2 Programs
2 User profiles
Standard LCD/LED
Standard foot pedals
Standard grips
Wireless HRM
Bottle holder
bowflex max m5 elliptical review
Bowflex Max Trainer M5
300lbs 16 Resistance levels
8 Programs
2 User profiles
Backlit LCD/LED
Upgraded foot pedals
Ergonomic grips
Contact grips HRM
Wireless HRM
Bluetooth 4.0
Bottle holder
bowflex max m7 elliptical review
Bowflex Max Trainer M7
300lbs 20 Resistance levels
11 Programs
4 User profiles
Backlit Dual Mode LCD/LED
Sports foot pedals
Commercial grade grips
Contact grips HRM
Wireless HRM
Bluetooth 4.0
Bottle holder

Where to Buy Bowflex ellipticals at Best Price

The best place to buy Bowflex Max trainers is the official website. Not only they have a huge sale, right now, but we also have a discount code for you. Please visit our coupon section and get the Bowflex coupon code for additional savings.

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Reviews by Price
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