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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 The Cheapest within the Series


MAX M3 Key Specs:

Bowflex Max M3 Review

update The MAX M3 has been discontinued and replaced with the more expensive - MAX M6 (see details). However, for the price of M3 ($999), you can buy higher quality elliptical by Sole Fitness - the E25.

The MAX M3 is the entry-level elliptical machine within the Bowflex Max Trainer series. It means, it is the cheapest one, too. The next model in the series, the MAX M5, costs $600 more. So, how simple is the M3? Is the bowflex max trainer m3 worth it?

Comparing the main features of the MAX trainers, we see that they are pretty same. A user weight limit, a stride length, a steep incline and movement of the upper body grips are same in all these machines. The big difference is in computer console features and luxury. The M3 comes with 8 different resistance levels and 2 workout programs, and two user profiles. There is no speakers, an iPod connection and other fancy add-ons. Even there is no heart pulse sensors built in the handlebars, which would be expected, but you can monitor your heart rate wirelessly, via chest stripe (which is included). A surprising solution, because this is something you will only find in more expensive machines.

bowflex max trainer m3 elliptical reviewm3 elliptical review

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[x] m3 elliptical review

The handlebars, footpedals and LCD display are simple and basic, within the standard. We don't like the LCD without a backlight. What we also don't like, is the really poor warranty of only 1 year. However, teh MAX trainer M3 is an excellent machine, fairly affordable at just under $1,000. It could be a great choice for most home users.

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