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A Great Solution for Fitness Beginners

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E600 Key Specs:

elliptical updates The Bladez E600 is an old, outdated model. We suggest you to consider the Horizon EX-59, which is sold at the same price point, but a higher-quality.

Although there are no fancy features with this elliptical trainer, the Bladez E600 machine offers exactly what beginners need - simplicity, reliability and quality, but still on a budget. Its main advantage in terms of competition is a lower price. To be said, by price the e600 can be compared with the Horizon EX-59.

BladeZ E600 Elliptical Machine Review

As we said, the E600 is a simple, sturdy elliptical machine, designed to be comfortable for all family members, guys as well as women. It is equipped with an impressive flywheel of 18lbs paired with a comfortable 18-inch stride length, which can't be found in other brands at this price range. I has 32 electronically controlled resistance levels, delivering a smooth and quiet ride. Your neighbors will surely not hear you if you workout late in the evening or early in the morning. The LCD console has a backlight, so it's easy to read. It tracks your speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, recovery, RPM, user profile. Although there is no option to download additional apps, the 19 built-in programs provide a wide variety of workout options. And lastly, but pretty important, it's an elegant, nicely designed piece of equipment that will not offend the look of your apartment. The E600 elliptical trainer offers much more than the average elliptical machine within this price range.

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Bladez Fitness covers the E600 elliptical trainer with the following WARRANTY:

Where to Buy Bladez ellipticals at Best Price

Although the easiest way to buy an elliptical machine is to purchase it online, unfortunately Bladez machines are no longer available. We suggest you to consider the Horizon EX59, instead. However, some older models still can be found on Amazon, at affordable prices.

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