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ECT2100 Key Specs:

elliptical updates The BodyCraft ECT2100 is an old, outdated model. We suggest you to consider the Sole Fitness E25, instead.

BodyCraft ECT 2100 Elliptical Machine Review

The BodyCraft ECT 2100 elliptical machine was one of the best rated elliptical trainers in its price range. Features that have been sold on other ellipticals for an extra money as additional options, the BodyCraft offers in a standard version. They include the eddy current braking system and adjustable stride length to accommodate users of various sizes. The ECT-2100 is designed to withstand workouts of users up to 300 lbs. For those who want more, such as Programmable / HRC features, BodyCraft has upgraded the ECT 2100 to ECT 2500.

bodycraft ect 2100 reviewect 2100 review

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[x] bodycraft ect 2100 review
[x] ect 2100 review

BodyCraft ECT2100 WARRANTY is not so great. It includes:

Where to Buy BodyCraft ellipticals

The only place where you can buy BodyCraft elliptical trainers is their official website. However, as we mentioned above, for a similar price you can get much better machines, at much more affordable prices from these reputable brands:

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