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Endurance E7hrc Elliptical Trainer

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E7hrc Key Specs:

elliptical updatesEndurance E7hrc elliptical trainer has been discontinued. Instead, we suggest you to consider the Diamondback 1280 or Sole E95.

Endurance E7hrc Elliptical Machine Review

The Endurance E7HRC elliptical trainer is equiped with an advanced electronic Heart Rate Control (HRC) that monitors athlete's progress and delivers an appropriate challenge at every moment. With this feature you'll acheive a peak of your cardio goals in the most efficient workout as possible. Get pumped up for varied workouts including the four heart rate programs: HR fat burn, HR Cardio, HR Interval and HR Hills.

After a thorough analysis, we found that the E7HRC is the same elliptical trainer as Endurance E7, but additionally equipped with an HRC option. The E7HRC costs about $300-$500 more than basic E7 model. So, you should rethink about do you really need the HRC feature?

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Where to Buy Endurance E7hrc elliptical

You can only buy a used one. However, for a similar price you can get a much better machine, the Sole e95, for instance.

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