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HealthRider 900 Elliptical Machine


900 Key Specs:

elliptical updates During the past few years, we have received an increasing number of reports from our readers about a poor and unreliable HealthRider's customer service. Due to this fact, we decided not to recommend their products to our visitors. Moreover, for a similar price, you can buy much better machine, such as the Sole e95 elliptical trainer.

HealthRider 900 Elliptical Trainer Review

For the purpose of writing this review, we have only a few hours to test the HealthRider 900 Stride trainer. Our first impression is that this machine is built to last. It feels solid, but definitely doesn't worth the price. However, if you've decided to pay such amount of money, maybe you can find a better and durable elliptical machine within this budget. We recommend you to consider some of the Sole Fitness or Diamondack ellipticals rather than HealthRider, but it's my personal opinion.

The HealthRider 900 Strider elliptical trainer features new, useful and very popular option - the iFitĀ® Live. It allows a wireless connection between the Internet and your elliptical machine. It offers workouts Powered by Google Maps and workouts with America's Toughest Trainer, Jillian Michaels. Your workout results are automatically uploaded in real time to It also lets you interact with your Facebook friends, download daily workouts, etc.

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Other features include a Compatible Music Port for iPod/mp3 player, a workout fan, in-handle controls for resistance and ramp incline. The preloaded programs are useful, the console tells you to slow down or speed up so you can stay on your target range.

Where to Buy HealthRider 900 Stride trainer

A regular price for HealthRider 900 Strider trainer is around $1999. For even lower price, you can buy a far better machine by other brands. We suggest you to consider Diamondback Fitness and Sole Fitness.

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