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Horizon Fitness EX 58 Elliptical Trainer

horizon fitness

EX-58 Key Specs:

elliptical updates The Horizon EX 58 is an old outdated model. It has been replaced with the Horizon ex59. However, we suggest you to also consider even better machine - the Sole Fitness E25.

Horizon EX 58 Elliptical Machine Review

In March of 2010, we had an opportunity to test the newest elliptical trainer from Horizon. For our visitors exclusively, we were the very first who publish the Horizon EX58 review.

The newest Horizon EX-58 elliptical machine is designed on the new SIXstar Certified™ platform. It is a unique combination of the 6 key elements needed to deliver the smoothest, most natural elliptical feel available. It includes: ZEROgap™ ideal pedal placement, the StraightUP™ body posture, 10" SUREstep™ for easy access with a low step-on height, IDEALfit™ optimal handlebar spacing, 18" FLATellipse™, and SMOOTHpulley™ large drive pulley ratio. A magnetic brake resistance (with 10 electronic levels) is smooth, quiet and consistent, covered with a 20-year brake warranty.

horizon ex 58 elliptical reviewhorizon ex 58 elliptical

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The console is equipped with 3 orange LED windows for user feedbacks, Sonic Surround speakers with MP3 input and headphone output and COOLfit fan. Offered warranty is completely in the style of the Horizon. The warranty length is a sure indicator of the durability of this machine.

Where to Buy Horizon ellipticals at Best Price

The best place to buy Horizon ellipticals is the official website. Certainly, you will get the best buying conditions there. However, we suggest you to consider Sole E25. It is a far better machine, sold at a similar price point.

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