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Ironman 500e Elliptical Machine


500e Key Specs:

elliptical updatesThe Ironman 320e elliptical machine is out of manufacture. Instead, we suggest you to consider the Horizon ex59 or even better machine - the Sole Fitness E25.

Ironman 500e Elliptical Machine Review

The Ironman 500e Elliptical Trainer comes with a large 2 window LCD matrix display. 12 preset programs and 16 resistance levels ensure an effective exercising to achieve desired results from weight loss to cardio training. A wide, 17.5" stride length allows user to get the most out of every stride. It offers extra room to move and extra smooth full range of motion.

Although the Ironman 500e is a pretty good elliptical trainer, its endurance is not the most important selling feature. It is the price! There is hard to find a similar machine at this price. Large elliptical trainers like Ironman 500e are more expensive than 500e.

ironman 500e elliptical reviewironman 500e elliptical review

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[x] ironman 500e elliptical review
[x] ironman 500e elliptical review

Where to Buy Ironman ellipticals

The Ironman ellipticals are outdated. For a similar price you can get a much better machine by other reputable brands. We suggest Sole Fitness and Horizon Fitness.

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