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Lifecore CD400 Elliptical Trainer

elliptical updatesLifecore CD400 is out of manufacture. Instead, we suggest you to consider the Sole E35 or the Diamondback 1060ef.

Lifecore CD400 Elliptical Machine Review

A main characteristic of the newest Lifecore CD400 elliptical machine is its revolutionary design with the patented Center Drive Technology. This unique 2010 model puts the user in a biomechanically correct and more natural, upright position to enhance performance and maximize results. The CD400 elliptical machine uses friction-free magnetic resistance giving a smooth workout with fluid, natural strides with 21-inch stride length.

The Lifecore Fitness CD400 is equipped with the most advanced electronics available in this price range. The control center is nice and cleverly designed. A simple touch of a button allows you to select from 12 pre-programmed workouts. A large, multi-color screen displays calories burned, distance, time, speed and more.

lifecore cd400 elliptical reviewlifecore cd400 elliptical review

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[x] lifecore cd400 elliptical review
[x] lifecore cd400 elliptical review

Where to Buy Lifecore ellipticals

Lifecore has reduced the elliptical production, offering only two models (outdated and too expensive, in our humble opinion). For a similar price you can get a much better machine by other reputable brands. We suggest you to consider Horizon Fitness or even Diamondback Fitness, instead. However, you can buy Lifecore ellipticals on Amazon.

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