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Multisports Elliptix 880 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

elliptical updatesThe Multisports Elliptix 880 is out of manufacture.
We suggest you to consider the Sole E55 or even better Diamondback 1280ef

Multisports Elliptix ECT 880 Elliptical Trainer Review

Although Multisports ellipticals are not cheap machines, especially the Elliptix 880 cross trainer, we have decided to write a few rows about them because some of us had the opportunity to test several models. In the review below, you'll find my personal opinion and observations about the 880's design, quality, functionality and value.

When you see the heavy 11-gauge steel frame of Multisports Elliptix 880L, you realize it was made to last forever. The 880L is a commercial-grade elliptical machine designed for heavy and frequent use that doesn't ever need to be pretty. And it looks just like that. In my personal opinion, it's an ugly, durable machine for serious athletes (to be honest, I don't like the Multisports' sense of design - sorry Multisports). It supports users up to 350lbs (159kg). Its 21-inch stride length is long enough even for tall people. The Elliptix 880L provides a smooth elliptical motion. It is equipped with the eddy-current magnetic brake system (the most advanced system that can be found in the most expensive models).

The computer console is as expected. it's simple, designed that anyone can understand the features and tools that are available. It mes with 8 preset programs, including 2 fitness test programs to help track personal progress. It features LED dot matrix display with 7 different readouts. It is compatible with wireless telemetry for heart rate monitoring.

multisports ect 880 elliptical reviewmultisports ect-880 elliptical review

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[x] multisports ect-880 elliptical review

Where to Buy Multisports ellipticals

Multisports elliptical trainers are outdated and overpriced. For a lower price you can get a much better machine by other reputable brands. We highly recommend Diamondback Fitness and Life Fitness elliptical trainers. Moreover, you can save 10% on all Life Fitness equipment if use the coupon code "SAVE10" in their shopping cart.

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