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Nordictrack Freestider 35s Elliptical Trainer


35s Key Specs:

elliptical updatesThe Nordictrack Freestrider 35s is out of manufacture. We suggest you to consider the Horizon EX59 elliptical trainer, instead.

Freestrider 35s Elliptical Machine Review

The NordicTrack Freestrider 35 S has been advertised as a machine that combines the low-impact stride of an elliptical with the high-calorie burn of incline training. This interesting concept combines elliptical trainer and stepper with an incline option. With the maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. this machine is a serious competitor in the growing fitness industry.

Like all new trainers from NordickTrack, the Freestrider 35s comes with the next generation of LCD displays technology with the name of Grafixx. Into the console are also integrated the Interplay™ music port which is compatibile with the iPod® and MP3 players that is connected to the sound system with speakers and headphone jack, a cooling fan, and the only wireless connection between the Internet and home fitness equipment iFit® Live.

nordictrack freestrider 35s ellipticalnordictrack freestrider 35s review

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[x] nordictrack freestrider 35s elliptical
[x] nordictrack freestrider 35s review

The Freestrider 35s is equipped with the custom-designed electromagnetic resistance system that allows you to quick switch thru 16 resistance levels by simply pressing a button on the console, or scroll through intervals with buttons on the moving arms. The best part is, you define your stride. No other cardio machine gives you up to 35" of natural striding motion in a small footprint.

Where to Nordictrack ellipticals at Best Price

Nordictrack mostly sells their equipment through the large department stores. One of them is Amazon. You can also purchase through the official websites from United Kingdom, Spain or Italy.
However, before you buy Nordictrack ellptical, we suggest you to also consider Diamondback Fitness, Horizon Fitness and Sole Fitness. They certainly offer better ellipticals at lower prices.

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