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ProForm 14.0 CE Elliptical Cross Trainer

elliptical updatesThe ProForm 14.0 CE is out of manufacture. Instead, we suggest you to consider the Horizon EX-59 or even better and a bit more expensive Sole E25. These are machines of much better quality, sold at a similar price range.

ProForm 14.0 CE Elliptical Machine Review

When comparing the performances you easily figure out that the Proform 14.0 CE is a step above the slightly cheaper model 10.0 CE (we have also done the 10.0 CE review). Why do we compare these two elliptical trainers? Because both models belong to the CE - SpaceSaver series. "SpaceSaver" feature means that the machine can be folded up for easy storage. Moreover, this can be done in just one easy step. It's a useful option if you don't have enough room for your fitness equipment.

For an extra $200, as it is more expensive than the 10.0CE, you can buy Proform 14.0CE packed with much more features in comparison to the cheaper 10.0CE. Some of these features include: a power incline option, a workout fan, a sound system (10.0 CE also comes with a built-in sound system but with questionable sound quality)...

The most significant difference between these two models is that the 14.0 CE is a heavier, more robust machine, designed for a bit more serious home users. In fact, it is almost the same machine like the NordicTrack e7.5. Although it offers a good value for the price of around $799 (which we found on sale for you - see below), we believe that for such amount of money you can get a better elliptical trainer, covered with better warranty. We suggest you to also read the reviews on Horizon Fitness EX 59.

Where to ProForm ellipticals at Best Price

You can buy ProForm elliptical machines in almost all mass department stores. The best prices and buying conditions you'll get if order online from Amazon. However, we do not recommend ProForm elliptical machines. Rather get one of the more respected and longer-lasting elliptical machines that worth the money you invested in. We recommend: Horizon Fitness or Sole Fitness.

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