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Elliptical Crosstrainer and Recumbent Bike Hybrid

proform fitness

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2021 updateIn our humble opinion, ProForm ellipticals are overpriced. Instead, we suggest you to consider the other reputable brands, such as:
Horizon Fitness
Sole Fitness

The idea to put together two exercise machines into one is not a new in the fitness world. Over the time, we saw both more successful and really useless products. ProForm has introduced their Hybrid trainer - an elliptical machine and recumbent exercise bike combination. Some of our readers (reviewers) had opportunities to test it. Their opinions are integrated into the review below.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review

With a price below $399 (on sale), the ProForm Hybrid Trainer worths to be considered. This machine is not a gym-club quality piece of equipment, but it is still strong enough to easily accommodates users up to 350 pounds. The footprint of the frame is simple constructed, so you can easily figure out how to assemble it. The same frame is used in many crosstrainers at this price point. But, there is one big and very important diffference necessary to be implemented in combo machines (many other producers missed it out) - the console adjusts to accomodate an elliptical or bike position. So, whether you are sitting or standing the LCD display is set to the right position so you can easily monitor your workout. There are 14 built-in workout apps to choose from. Each program automatically adjusts the resistance level.

The Hybrid Trainer is equipped with ProForm's patented Silent Magnetic Resistance system which delivers 14 digital resistance levels. Since the recumbent seat position is fixed, the pedals are adjustable instead. It provides a 15-inch stride length making the ride comfortable for average users.

The user opinions differ significantly, from thrilled, impressed to disappointed. Before you buy ProForm Hybrid Trainer, or any other fitness machine, you should know what you can expect. There is an unwritten rule in the fitness market: At the end you always get as much as you pay for. Given that its retail price is around $799, the price below $399 which we found for you is a really good deal. Moreover, for the price of one you get two machines!

Cons: Although the frame is protected with a 5-year warranty, parts are covered for 90 days only.
Conclusion: Solid construction with a right amount of features for average home users.

Here is a short video review so you can review all the details:

Where to ProForm Hybrid Trainer at Best Price

You can buy ProForm elliptical machines in almost all mass department stores. The best prices and buying conditions you'll get if order online from Amazon. However, we do not recommend ProForm elliptical machines. Rather get one of the more respected and longer-lasting elliptical machines that worth the money you invested in. We recommend: Horizon Fitness or Sole Fitness.

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