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Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Trainer

elliptical updates The Sole E25-2014 is discontinued and replaced with a new model (click to see the new model).

Sole E25-2014 Elliptical Trainer Review

A new line of Sole ellipticals for 2013/2014 is far ahead of its competition. Since the previous model of Sole E25 was the best rated in most reviews and best selling elliptical machine under the price of $1,000, just imagine how looks and what has to offer the new one. A sturdy frame equipped with 25-lb heavy flywheel which provides 22-inch stride length shows that this machine is built to last. It easy accommodates both types of users - beginers and serious fitness athletes. It comes with speakers integrated with a sound system compatible with all digital audio devices such as iPod and MP3 players. Also, HR chest strap and pulse grips are included. It features 1-15 incline levels, with quick incline adjustment controls built into the console and arm handles. For more information about E25 features, please see the specification below.

sole e25 elliptical reviewsole e25 review

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[x] sole e25 elliptical review
[x] sole e25 review

Here is a short video review so you can review all the details:

Where to Buy Sole ellipticals at Best Price

Sole Fitness has long been known for its reasonable prices and excellent customer support. Although you can find some of their models on Amazon as well, the best place to buy Sole E25 elliptical is the official website (click to visit).

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