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Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Trainer

sole fitness

E55 Key Specs:

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In almost all of the reviews that can be found on the Internet, you will see the ongoing struggle of these two machines for the Best Buy Award. At first glance it could be said that they are very similar. Although both crosstrainers support a maximum user weight up to 375 ponds, their construction is complete different. Surprisingly, the e35 is a slightly larger elliptical trainer. It also has a heavier flywheel of 25 pounds. But, bigger is not always better.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review

Maybe a 25-lb flywheel is good for some more advanced athletes, but the 20-lb flywheel that the E55 is equipped with is ideal for entire family members. A maximum stride length is 20 inches, which is the right measure for an average adult person. Additionally, the E55 pedals are adjustable to fit anyone's way of walking. This elliptical machine is a perfect choice for both beginners and those in better shape.

sole e55 elliptical reviewsole e55 review

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[x] sole e55 elliptical review
[x] sole e55 review

The Sole E55 is equipped with a 9.inch LCD display. The console is adjustable and like all Sole's ellipticals has 10 preloaded workout programs, a built-in sound system, cooling fan and water bottle holder.

Sole Fitness covers the e55 crosstrainer with the industry leading WARRANTY. It includes:

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Sole Fitness has long been known for its reasonable prices and excellent customer support. Although you can find some of their models on Amazon as well, the best place to buy Sole E55 elliptical is the official website (click to visit).

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