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Star Trac Pro Elliptical Cross Trainer

elliptical updates The Star Trac ellipticals are pretty outdated and overpriced. Instead, we suggest you to consider Life Fitness. They offer much better elliptical machines at the similar price point. Also there is one more pretty interesting and yet cheaper machine - the Sole E98.

Star Trac Pro Elliptical Machine Review

The Star Trac Pro elliptical cross trainer has shock absorbing pedals to reduce stress on joints allowing the user to workout longer and harder. Its 20 levels of adjustable resistance, heart rate programs, multiple positions and no slip grips, a well thought-out console design, a workout fan, transport wheels, make a strong impression to the users. Lovely elegant in its simplicity, the Star Trac Pro elliptical cross trainer offers plenty of features (for quite a lot of money). Different forms of upper body workouts are much more effective if they are independent of the lower body workouts. There is also another StarTrac model offering this SelectFit technology. If you believe you'll need this additional feature, see the StraTrac Elite.

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Where to buy Star Trac ellipticals at Best Price

Star Trac ellipticals are available on Amazon. However, we suggest you to consider the Sole Fitness, as well. They have much better elliptical machines at similar price range.

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