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Tunturi Elliptical Cross Trainers

elliptical updatesTunturi ellipticals are pretty outdated. Instead, we suggest you to consider the other reputable brands, such as:
Sole Fitness
Horizon Fitness

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The "Tunturi Ellipticals" is one of the leading fitness brands in Europe. The company has been in the business for more than 80 years. From its beginnings in 1922 as a bicycle repair shop in Finland, Tunturi has grown to top manufacturer of any kind of fitness equipment, from famous bikes to elliptical machines well known to buyers all around the world. Tunturi is not only one of the globally known brands, it is actually inimitable on the field of cross trainers. Tunturi Ellipticals offer some unique features and use innovative Scandinavian design and quality. Durability, smooth and silent workout come as a standard with their machines. If you have limited in budget, some smaller and cheaper models, such as C10 or C20, would be a good choice. They offer a good value for the price and they are made of better quality materials than Icon products such as ProForm or Weslo ellipticals that are sold at the similar price point. If you have enough money, we recommend you to move up to the C40 or maybe to the bigger C60. With more expensive models such as the C80 and C85 you'll get machines for home use that come in a commercial grade package, but only if you have more than $2000 to spend.

Where to Buy Tunturi ellipticals

The best place to buy Tunturi ellipticals is Amazon. They offer lower prices and proven good customer support. However, due to market disruptions caused by the pandemic, Kettler ellipticals are no longer available for online buying. Instead, we suggest you to consider even better machines by Sole Fitness.

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