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Tunturi C40 Elliptical Cross Trainers

elliptical updates Tunturi C40 elliptical machine has been discontinued. Instead, we suggest you to consider one of the following:
Horizon EX59
Sole Fitness E25

Tunturi C40 Elliptical Machine Review

While some of the simpler models by Tunturi, such as the C10 and the C20 come with a manual resistance system, the Tunturi C40 is a programmable elliptical trainer. It means that you can change workout profiles to your specific needs with a simple touch of the keypad, during your workout. The console also features 8 scaleable workout profiles, a heart rate control, a matrix profile display and an accurate workout feedback. The Tunturi C40 elliptical trainer comes on a stable frame construction with a silent electronically controlled brakes that produce a wide range of resistance. The machine we reviewed has been a bit more noisy, but it’s generally not enough to be bothersome. The stylish design and color line of the C40 is well suited to living rooms.

tunturi c40 ellipticaltunturi c40 elliptical review

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[x] tunturi c40 elliptical
[x] tunturi c40 elliptical review

Where to Buy Tunturi ellipticals

From time to time, Tunturi ellipticals are available on Amazon.
However, the C40 has been discontinued. We suggest you to consider one of the following:
Horizon EX59
Sole Fitness E25

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