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Weslo Momentum CT 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

elliptical updatesThe Weslo CT 3.0 has been discontinued.
We suggest you to consider the Body Rider 2 in 1 as a cheap alternative, similar in price and quality to Weslo. However, we suggest you to add a few dollars more and get much better machine which will last for years - the Horizon EX59.

Weslo CT 3.0 Elliptical Machine Review

By reading an official description at manufacturer's website about an elliptical trainer compared to our reviews, one might think that we are not talking about the same model. This is what has happened when we got the Weslo Momentum CT 3.0 to test it. As always, our readers expect us to be independent in our reviews, so we have to be honest. The Weslo Momentum CT 3.0 crosstrainer was a big disappointment. Perhaps we expected too much, but we got a small elliptical machine designed for not too tall people. Well, you can't expect nothing better for the price below $200. But, for someone who doesn't have time to workout more than 20 minutes twice a week, it would be a good low-budget elliptical machine. If you use it more than that, we believe that it would not last very long. The options like an RPM meter and a Target Pacer Indicator suggest that you will get a serious training with this machine. The true is that it is designed for real begginers. Moreover, if you are 5.3 feet or shorter, this elliptical trainer will be perfect for you. Otherwise, you'll need a machine with longer stride length in order to have a comfortable workout.

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Weslo CT 3.0 is covered with a poor warranty. It includes a 90-day parts and labor warranty.

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Weslo ellipticals are available on Amazon.
However, we suggest you to consider the the Horizon EX59.

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