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Yowza Captiva Plus Elliptical Cross Trainer

elliptical updatesYowza has gone out of business. Instead, we suggest you to consider one of the following brands:
Sole Fitness
✓ or cheaper machines by Horizon Fitness

Yowza Captiva Plus Elliptical Machine Review

The Captiva Plus is a new model in Yowza's elliptical crosstrainer series, introduced in 2014/2015. Since the new model was introduced, the old Captiva has been modified and it is sold under the name Sanibel i35, now. The Captiva was one of the most popular models so far, outselling all other Yowza ellipticals. Now, it is an improved and upgraded, high-end model, positioned next to the biggest commercial grade model in the Yowza's elliptical line - the Islamorada. However, now the Yowza Captiva Plus has a powerful incline system with the ability to incline up to 50 degrees. The stride path has also increased, ranging from 18 to 28 inches in length. New add-ons include the patented CardioCore motion with full Wrap-Around handles for Glute and Leg Isolation. It provides an additional six new workout positions, targeting the glutes, quads and hip muscles like no other crosstrainer. It allows user to pedal in both directions forward and reverse. With its ability to accommodate users up to 400 lbs (180kg), a variable stride length, the ability to store nine user profiles, it is the perfect choice for families with different users' fitness levels. Moreover, all of the great features offered on the best-selling Captiva come with the new model too, but the workout is even more intense.

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[x] yowza captiva-plus elliptical crosstrainer
[x] yowza captiva-plus review

Advantages: Everything except the price
Drawbacks: Although it's cheaper than competititve models by other brands, it's still not cheap ;-)
Conclusion: Feature rich, high grade elliptical machine designed for everyone's need, from beginners through advanced users. Great investment!

Where to Buy Yowza ellipticals

Yowza ellipticals are no longer available. We suggest you to consider some of the following:
Sole Fitness
✓ or cheaper machines by Horizon Fitness

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