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BladeZ BF 7.0 Elliptical Trainer Review

elliptical updates The Bladez BF 7.0 is an old, outdated model. We suggest you to consider the Sole Fitness E35, which sells for a similar price but is of much higher quality.

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BF 7.0 Key Specs:

BladeZ BF 7.0 Elliptical Machine Review

BladeZ has designed the 7 Series with a full 21” stride, comfortably spaced large cushioned pedals, and an ultra smooth heavy weight flywheel in a commercial-grade frame. The Bladez 7.0 is an elliptical trainer for those who demand smoothness of move with no yelp and whimper.

Some on the main features of the BF 7.0 were: Safety & Convenience: Comfort Touch™ Hand Grip Heart Rate, Magazine Rack, Bottle Holder, Oversized Pedals with Soft Grip Inserts, Poly-V Belt Drive Train. Whether you just start out, or you are a pro-athlete that want to keep your body in shape, this is an inexpensive elliptical that will meet your needs for cardio training.

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The BladeZ BF 7.0 elliptical trainer comes with the following WARRANTY:

Where to Buy Bladez ellipticals at Best Price

Although the easiest way to buy an elliptical machine is to purchase it online, unfortunately Bladez machines are no longer available. We suggest you to consider some of the Sole Fitness elliptical machines, instead. However, some older models still can be found on Amazon, at affordable prices.

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