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BladeZ x350p Elliptical Trainer Review

elliptical updates The Bladez x350p is an old, outdated model. We suggest you to consider the Horizon EX-59, which is sold at the same price point, but a higher-quality.

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x350p Key Specs:

BladeZ x350p Elliptical Machine Review

The BladeZ x350p belongs to the group of low-budget elliptical trainers. Judging by its sturdy construction, quality of craftsmanship, its overall ratings by many reviewers, it is one of the top home cross trainers among the cheap models. The Bladez x350p elliptical machine comes fully equipped with everything a short person will need to ride it comfortably at home. I said "short person" because its 17” stride doesn’t provide a long enough motion that people who are over 5'8" tall feel comfortable while exercise. In the same time, the user weight is limited to 265lbs. It is obvious that the Bladez x350p targets female population.

It comes with 16 levels of electronically controlled magnetic resistance system. The computer is preloaded with 12 programs, providing readouts through the large LCD display. Heart rate sensors are built-in handlebars. There are also transport wheels and bottle holder. All in all, it's a very nice, simple and quiet cross trainer perfect for light home use. With the price below $500 which we found on sale (see below), it could be one of the first choices in the budget price range.

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The BladeZ XS8 elliptical trainer comes with the following WARRANTY:

Where to Buy Bladez ellipticals at Best Price

Although the easiest way to buy an elliptical machine is to purchase it online, unfortunately Bladez machines are no longer available. We suggest you to consider the Horizon EX59, instead. However, some older models still can be found on Amazon, at affordable prices.

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