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Vision Fitness S70 Elliptical Cross Trainer

vision fitness

s70 Key Specs:

update Vision Fitnes S70 has been discontinued. Instead, we suggest you to consider one of the following machines, from the most reputable brands:
Sole E98
Diamondback 1280

Although the Vision Fitness S70 is a monster (make sure you look at the dimensions and you have enough room for i), it is still quiet and smooth. It's quiet enough that someone can sleep next to it while you use it. While traditional ellipticals use wheel tracks and create a friction, the wheel-and track-free Suspension Elliptical Technology offers fluid movements and wisper quiet operation, and quality that lasts through heavy use by multiple users, for years.

Vision Fitness s70 Elliptical Review

The Vision S70 is not a cheap machine. Although it is so advanced and feels like a commercial machine, it is actually simpler for novice users than other cross trainers. The computer console is well oranized and offers easy to understand features.

vision fitness s70 elliptical crosstrainervision fitness s70 review

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[x] vision fitness s70 elliptical crosstrainer
[x] vision fitness s70 review

The Vision Fitness s70 is covered with one of the best in class WARRANTIES. It includes:

Where to Buy Vision Fitness ellipticals on sale

Vision Fitnes S70 has been discontinued. Instead, we suggest you to consider one of the most reputable brands that are available onlline, such as:
Sole Fitness

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