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Vision Fitness S7100 HRT Elliptical Cross Trainer

vision fitness

s7100 Key Specs:

update Vision Fitnes S7100 has been discontinued. Instead, we suggest you to consider one of the following machines, from the most reputable brands:
Sole E98
Diamondback 1280

The suspension elliptical machines are relatively new on the fitness market. This unique system provides the most natural rides compared to the other design solutions usually found on an elliptical cross trainer. The disadvantage of this system is its high price. For this reason, it is more often found in machines designed for commercial use in gyms and health clubs than in those made for home use.

Vision Fitness s7100 HRT Review

The S7100HRT is the most popular and best selling cross trainer within the Vision's Suspension Elliptical Series. It is very sturdy, well built and feels like a commercial machine. With a price below $3,000 (even around $2500 when it's on sale) it is a great opportunity for those who want to invest in a state-of-the-art fitness machine, which will serve them for years. We could say the S7100 is a fully customizable elliptical trainer. It features incline (18% to 37%) and stride length (20" to 21.5") adjustments. The unique Perfect Stride design with ergonomically correct foot position offers an ideal stride motion.

vision fitness s7100 elliptical crosstrainervision fitness s7100 review

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The s7100 computer console is preloaded with wide variety of workout programs. Moreover, it compatible with the Passport and Sprint 8 apps. You can connect your elliptical to your home TV and workout through high-definition destination footage (synced to the speed and intensity of your workout).

The Vision Fitness s7100 is covered with one of the best in class WARRANTIES. It includes:

Where to Buy Vision Fitness ellipticals on sale

Vision Fitnes S7100 has been discontinued. Instead, we suggest you to consider one of the most reputable brands that are available onlline, such as:
Sole Fitness

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