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Schwinn 420 Elliptical CrossTrainer

elliptical updatesThe Schwinn 420 is out of manufacture. Instead, we suggest you to consider the Horizon EX-59 or even better and a bit more expensive Sole E25. These are machines of much better quality, sold at a similar price range.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer Review

In many online reviews, you'll find that this model is rated as Best Buy elliptical crosstrainer. Schwinn 420 exercise machine was brand new model for 2012 and it can be still found at almost every bestseller list. Our overall impression on this item is very good. Like all products coming from Nautilus, the Schwinn 420 elliptical trainer also provides an excellent quality and great value for the money.

The elliptical is super quiet and glides smoothly. The high-quality components and the solid construction of the machine guarantee many years of use . The majority of the parts are metal instead of plastic which you'll find on most competitive models in this price range.

The console is the only drawback we found here, but it is a big one. In our opinion this machine deserves much better display and a cooling fan with more power. On the unit we tested, the readouts were very hard to see. The display needs back lighting. You can read the screen only if you have a fairly good light in the room. Other than that the machine is great for the price - worth the money!

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Where to Buy Schwinn ellipticals at Best Price

Unfortunately, most of the Schwinn elliptical crosstrainers are out of manufacture. It seems, the owner as decided to close the brand down. We suggest you to consider the other reputable brands, similar in quality and price range, such as:
Horizon Fitness
Sole Fitness

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